Like so many others, working from your home office has been uncomfortable without the right set up.  As a result, your achy neck and shoulders or sore back interfere with how well you work. You can work more comfortably and efficiently at your home office with these easy tips and tricks.  Let’s get more comfortable now to work better!

Here’s 5 tips & tricks to reduce aches and pain and work more efficiently.

  1. MOVE OFTEN.  Get up every 45 minutes.  Walk, do some stairs, exercises … move for 3-5 minutes.  Set a timer to remind you.  Set up a standing work area for 30 minutes.  Just make sure your keyboard is properly positioned for your elbows to be about 90 degrees bent. Consider purchasing an adjustable work station that allows you to stand. A sturdy, decent one will cost about $85.00.
  2. POSTURE … are you sitting like a coma (slouched) or are you like an exclamation mark (long).  Create the length your spine needs by lifting up your chest (without arching your back).  Let your shoulder blades fall down your back.  Check in often to these two posture changes.
  3. SCREEN POSITION … top line of text should be just below eye level.  If you wear bifocal, top line should be a few inches lower to reduce neck strain.
  4. KEYBOARD just below elbow level.  Elbows about 90 degrees bent.  Avoid using wrist supports.  Consider purchasing a keyboard tray if you have a separate keyboard.  If you do not have a separate keyboard, purchasing one is very recommended. Wired or wireless, and with a mouse; this pair begin at about $40.00.  As a result of not having a separate keyboard, the screen will be too low, causing neck, back and shoulder strain.  Therefore, changing your position often, moving, and stretching will be important.
  5. KNEES just below hip level.  Knees about 90 degrees bent.

Above all, take a few minutes every day to incorporate these little changes toward reducing and resolving aches, pains and fatigue.                      Therefore, at the end of your working day, you will feel good to enjoy the rest of the day.  To wrap this up, with more people working from home than ever, I encourage you to share this blog with those you know who work from a home office.

Check out our Office Ergonomics 1 hour Webinar.  We’ve included a FREE toolkit of easy exercise ‘snacks’ that take 1-2 minutes each, however, they will keep your joints and muscles feeling better.  In addition, there is an ergo check list for your easy reference.                                       

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