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Each class is designed for those over 40 with the greatest integrity for each participant’s needs and goals.  Classes address mobility, strength, balance, posture and breathing.  No equipment needed other than a resistance band; simply floor space, a wall to use and a firm chair is all you need.  Participants feel accomplished and not defeated by inability or pain; they return to each class because they learn to move better and leave feeling better!  It IS YOUR CLASS!     Choose 1, 2, or 3 classes per week.                                                                2021 Classes First Week:   Tuesday January 12th at 9:15 am EST,  Wednesday January 13th at 5:15 pm EST,  and Thursday January 14th at 9:15 am EST.  We continue for 12 weeks… feeling stronger, more mobile, better balanced and confident each week!!                            $144.00 for 3 classes per week,  $120.00 for 2 classes per week,  $96.00 for 1 class per week    


Exercise As Medicine Program

For specific medical conditions:  cardiovascular (hypertension, coronary heart disease), neurological (Parkinson’s, MS), psychological (depression, anxiety), metabolic (diabetes, obesity), pulmonary (COPD, asthma), and cancer. Up-to-date evidence to prescribe a safe and effective personalized exercise program toward your improved health.

Your Wellness Program
Incredible personalized program toward your improved well-being; be it for smoking cessation, relaxation, mindfulness, improved sleep, or improved mental health.

Fit Hips & Knees Program
This is a 12 week evidence based education and exercise program to improve function and how you move while reducing pain from osteoarthritis.  Designed for pre/post joint replacement surgery, the goal is to maintain independent living for the long term

Core Fit & Function Program
This is a 12 week evidence based education and exercise program to improve function and how you move while reducing pain in hips, knees, and particularly lower back.  Helpful for many low back chronic conditions.

Fall Prevention Program
Highly effective home exercise program and home safety interventions to reduce the rate and risk of falls. We refer to researched interventions that provide the best outcomes.  See articles in our resources section for more information.

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Workplace Wellness Program

Happy employees live healthy and work well.
They are the foundation of a thriving company.

Your Company Has Even More to Brag About Now!
You Care About Your Employees Health and Wellness … And It Shows!

Lunch and Learns
Reap the benefits of dynamic and engaging 1 hour talks on a variety of topics that suit your employees and company needs. This is one of the best cost effective ways to improve your employee wellness program.  We can help you navigate how to select topics for greatest participation.

Office Ergonomics      NEW! … 1 hour Live Webinar plus Virtual Assessment
Set up your office environment so it is comfortable for efficient work to be done.  Ergonomics is specific for each employee in order to reduce strain and pain.  Good posture is important for preventing musculoskeletal injuries.                                                                                Our office webinar provides tips and tricks to set up an ideal work station in home or office for you to feel your best.  The added virtual assessment will assist anyone dealing with recent or current musculoskeletal problems.  Register today.   

Exercise Programs … online since covid-19
Individual and group programs are customized to improve and maintain employee mental and physical health and wellness. Lunch hour 40 minute classes and employee programs are designed for fun and optimal participation.  Our fitness programs are safe and effective for many conditions including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, core and posture strength, diabetes, mental health, hypertension, and heart disease.  NEW!  EMOTIONS IN MOTION:  Exercise for Anxiety.  Delivered with compassion, we are educated on anxiety-related problems to provide the best for you.

Wellness Programs
Designed to support all employees toward improved mental and physical health and well-being through preventative care. Goals can include preventing and managing chronic diseases to improve employee health, morale, and motivation while reducing the economic burden.

Clinic Days
Offered bi-weekly to employees dealing with pain, inflammation and severe stiffness. Kinesio tape, specific exercises, and heat or cold are available.  Employees dealing with sensitive health problems such as chronic joint/muscle pain, diabetes, and heart disease find this  helpful for personalized coaching.

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Julie Bellini is a member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association
and College of Kinesiologists of Ontario

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